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Energy Release
Other Name(s) Energy Style
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Nature Type Fire Release,

Lightning Release, Wind Release, Water Release

Rank S
Class S
Range All Ranges
Parent Jutsu Fire Release,

Lightning Release, Wind Release, Water Release

Derived Jutsu N/A
Related Jutsu N/A
User(s) Hinotegakure Shinobi

The Energy Release is a powerful Kekkei Hozen (lit. Bloodline Preservation), which is very prominent within Hinotegakure (lit. Village Shrouded in Flames) within the Land of Fire. The elements it combines together for Kekkei Hozen are Fire Release, Lightning Release, Wind Release, and Water Release. The Energy Release quickly became the main threat during the Fifth Great Shinobi World War.


The Energy Release is defined, as it's name would suggest, as the ability to manipulate all forms of energy. This is obviously a very broad statement, which is what makes this Jutsu so dangerous and formidable, even against the most powerful of Shinobi.

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