This Article, Shizuoka Clan, Is The Property And Copyright Of Demon-Eyes Rasetsu.

Shizuoka Clan
Members Hagakure Otsutsuki

Rasetsu Shizuoka

Affiliation Unknown

The Shizuoka Clan(静岡藩, Shizuoka Ichizoku) is one of the oldest and rarest clans in the known world. Legend proclaims them as the direct descendants of Kaguya Otsutsuki's first and eldest Hagakure Otsutsuki, who disassociated himself from Hagoromo and Hamura. Shortly before the appearance birth of madara uchiha and hashirama senju, supposedly all members and affiliates of the shizuoka clan disappeared without a trace from the face of the entire planet. As of now, Rasetsu Shizuoka is the only known living pureblood of the shizuoka clan. 

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